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The Sprinter (shown above) is the current work horse of the Puppy Pipeline fleet especially for our long distance runs. The optimum load is 30-50 dogs depending on the size of dog and whether they can be together or need to be separated. Click this link for the cage layout:

Sprinter Floor Plan


Van-1 and Van-2 (above) are used for smaller loads and what we call "relay" runs around the Atlanta area. The optimum load is at least 12-18 dogs. Click these links for the cage layouts:

Van 1 Floor Plan ----- Van 2 Floor Plan


The picture (above) shows dogs in the back section of one of the smaller vans. There are many pictures of dogs in the cages of the vans on this website. Just click one of the archive picture links to see pictures. The picture (below) shows the cages in the Sprinter.


Charter a Van

Your cost to charter a van will probably range between $850.00 and $1,500.00 dependingon where they go. Our costs are your costs. To get an even better estimate, multiplyround trip miles driven by 65 cents per mile. Fuel costs will fluctuate, so we advise that youcontact us prior to departure. Everything is included with this estimate except for lodgingand tolls which are added to the total when incurred.

There are some stipulations that must be adhered to:

  • Full loads only, one or two, maybe three destinations maximum (along the samehighway)......we are a charter service, not a pet taxi service. We driveovernight, for the most part. Maximum one way distance is 1,200 miles.
  • All discussions and agreements are between sending and receiving shelter(s). All wedo is drive. Your arrangement is with each other. This includes Veterinary records,Health certificates, etc. We operate strictly within the parameters of the law. Allpaperwork must be completed prior to departure. Transports must be prepaid.
  • The receiving shelter promises not to suspend or cancel the current source ofpuppies and dogs. You also agree that you will not euthanize older dogs to make wayfor "cute" puppies. This is not fair to those dogs currently in your adoption program.
  • Although we do our very best to insure that animals arrive safely and healthy, wecannot guarantee it. Our Vans are cleaned and sanitized with Parvocide, Bleach andSimple Green after every transport. We take every caution imaginable to prevent thespread of disease. The inside compartments are temperature controlled for dogssafety and comfort. Dogs are give plenty of water during the trip. For sanitaryreasons, no food is to be given the day of the transport as well as during transport.
  • Prior to departure, Puppy Pipeline must have all contact and destination informationconfirmed. Otherwise, the transport cannot leave.
  • The dogs cannot be returned for any reason. Bringing them back to Georgia insuresan almost certain death sentence. They have a better chance of survival in your area.

Our optimum load is at least 12-18 dogs on a transport with the smaller GMC vans and 30-50 with our Sprinter Van, we also transport cats.


What is Puppy Pipeline's mission?

We are a "Shelter 2 Shelter full van load" canine rescue transport service. We specialize in "full loads" of dogs & puppies, we emphasize "numbers" rather than individual dogs. We employ a fleet of three vans, that crisscross the Northeast and Upper Midwest delivering 11th hour, doomed dogs & puppies to no kill shelters that will find them their loving forever homes.

Do you accept single dog rescues for paid transports? I want to transport a dog to a rescue group in Connecticut, can I work with you?

The short answer is NO. Our experience with the "single dog rescue mentality" has not been good. We have found that single dog rescues take up so much time and effort (not from the dogs but their "rescuers") as opposed to transporting a full van load of 12 - 32 puppies. Most in the rescue community afflicted with this mentality lack the organization and people skills to work with people cooperatively. They usually lack the "vision" required to work with others in a team like environment.

I received an urgent email the other day telling me that "Shelter X will be euthanizing all the dogs....can you help?" What is your policy regarding urgent pleas on the internet?

If it were only so easy. In times past we have responded to these urgent emails only to be met with stone cold silence on the part of the "supposed" rescuer. Most, not all, of these "keyboard yappers" do little in the way of actually saving dogs. Most do not contribute funding, do not provide guidance, do not provide leads where to send the dogs and, in general, are an impediment to the rescue process. In 2006, we had a rescue pledge of $1,000 from a so-called rescuer from New York City who reneged on her commitment to transport dogs. This was after the dogs were secured, of course. It costs almost $2,000 to send a rescue transport to New York City round trip, something these "keyboard yappers" have no concept of.

We have in the past, offered free transportation to the Northeast and for our generosity have been ignored. We schedule the vans, hire the drivers have the Vets scheduled and in 99% of the time no one even responds! Funny thing, we tracked down a couple of these "people" (I'm not making this up) and, get this, over half of them had "deaths in the family" and therefore couldn't call us back? Most, if not all of these supposed rescuers have no idea of the involvement needed to complete a rescue. They think all you do is crate 'em and drive them up "there". Doesn't work that way.

I'm interested in taking you up on your offer to "Charter a Van". What do I need to do?

Contact us on our web page. In order to "Charter one of our Vans, you must provide (and pay for) the following:

  1. If you are a receiving shelter you agree not to do the following:
       a. You will not disrupt your current source of supply
       b. You will not euthanize older dogs for the sake of puppies
  2. A clear and concise "plan" where the animals are going, how many and where they are coming from
  3. Photographs of dogs
  4. All shots must be UTD and in compliance with applicable State Law
  5. A Health Certificate signed by a Veterinarian
  6. Contact Information of all parties involved including cell phones numbers and emergency contact information.

Once scheduled and verified, we will transport the animals with the following conditions:

  1. Fees are based on our variable costs, we make no profit. The costs are the same, to you, as if you had your own van!
  2. We do the driving as per insurance regulations
  3. All transports will need to be prepaid - we are currently prosecuting someone who obtained a transport in Pennsylvania under fraudulent conditions. Have a check ready, we can provide an estimate on request.
  4. The arrangement you make is between your rescue group and the receiving shelter. All negotiations are between both parties. All we do is drive.
  5. For health & sanitary reasons, do not feed the dogs the day of travel. They are given water. Failure to adhere to this reasonable request will result in an additional $50.00 cleaning fee.
  6. We drive non-stop, overnight to the destination shelter. One stop only. We drive all night long (where the dogs usually sleep) and it's unrealistic to expect a driver who has driven 12 - 22 hours to function as a "taxi service" ferrying dogs to multiple stops.
  7. We do not take dogs back to Georgia. Bringing a dog back to Georgia is an almost certain death sentence. They have a better chance of survival "up there" than in Georgia. Make sure you Vet them well.

How do you keep your Vans cleaned & sanitized?

Before each trip, a layer of absorbent, cotton towels are applied to cage floors.

After transport is completed, the towels are removed and washed in hottest possible water (180 degrees plus Fahrenheit) using the "Sanitize" setting. The grates are spray misted with a parvocide and/or bleach and allowed to penetrate for a minimum of 20 minutes. Grates and Stainless Steel cages are then washed out using pressurized hot water. The waste water drains through specially designed drains in the Van. Simple Green (or similar) is then sprayed on grates and Stainless Steel and flushed out using high pressure water. We then run the heat and fan at high speed which accelerates the drying process. Sanitation is an area that we, uner no circumstances, economize on.....

You offered a shelter or two for us to contact, would you send me the shelter names and your contact? We would appreciate talking with them.

Please contact us at anytime, we'd be happy to provide you with complete contact information

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