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Welcome to Puppy Pipeline Rescue of Georgia. Thanks for stopping by! We specialize in "shelter - shelter, full van load transports". By transporting dogs & puppies from an area of "low demand-high supply" (the South) to areas of "high - demand- low supply" (the Northeast and upper Midwest).

We send our dogs to no kill shelters. In 2010, we placed over 2,100 dogs & puppies, since we started in 2007, over 3,800 dogs have been placed into loving, forever homes. We project that in 2011, we will transport over 3,000 dogs & puppies. We do not possess the "single dog rescue mentality" that pervades the rescue movement. We emphasize "numbers" and full load transports. Puppy Pipeline is very efficient.

We send our dogs in the cleanest, most comfortable conditions under any transport. All are transported with required shots and Health certificates. Puppy Pipeline uses reliable, professional drivers who drove over 200,000 miles in 2010. We drive non-stop to our destinations overnight. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained, they are spotless. Puppy Pipeline schedules 2 - 3 transports per week to Northern destinations.

Transport has been proven to be the most cost effective way in which to save Southern dogs. With an average cost (for transport only) of under $40.00 per dog, it has become very appealing to many sending shelters here in the South. Rather than crate the dogs and lug them over to "adoption days" for a handful of adoptions, in one transport, anywhere from 15 - 54 dogs can be saved. At our Maine & Minnesota destinations, it has been noted that people frequently "line up" outside, prior to opening, just to adopt the puppies!!

We welcome your visit to our web page. These are from actual rescues. This is the "real deal". We hope you come back soon!

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Our Mission

To address the weakest link in the adoption chain, that of the transport of “death row” dogs and puppies to shelters, primarily in the Northeastern US from “high kill” shelters located in the Southeast.

Using a dedicated team of volunteers, we aim to help improve on dramatically, the link to warm, loving and safe homes for these defenseless animals that, clearly have no other option.


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